Oriflame Catalogue 5 2021

Oriflame Catalogue 5 2021 is where you will find the best cosmetics such as fragrances, makeup, skincare, personal care and many more this month! It has a wide range of products with unbeatable deals. You can get your favorite products at low prices!

The Importance of Makeup Cleaning

Cleaning make-up is just as important for women as it is to make-up. No matter what kind of makeup material we use, we must take care of its cleanliness so that our skin remains healthy. In this article, we wanted to talk about the importance of skin cleansing, especially makeup removal.

Just as we are not too lazy to wear makeup every day, we shouldn’t be too lazy to clean our makeup in the evenings. Unfortunately, sometimes we postpone this situation and leave it for the morning. But this is not the right practice we do. Because our pores should be open at night and our skin should breathe comfortably.

If we do not clean our makeup and go to bed, we make our tired and tired skin make up in the morning, causing our skin to become more tired. For these reasons, we should give importance to its cleanliness and let our skin breathe and relax.

Oriflame Skincare Products

It is also the case that it is very important to clean our skin not only after applying make-up, but also during periods of time when we do not. Our skin gets dirty all day long, not only from makeup residues, but also from air pollution and flying dust particles, and our pores are blocked. For this reason, daily skin cleansing will help protect our skin health and make our skin smooth in our old age. Because constantly blocked pores can cause premature aging of the skin. It also causes acne formation and a dull appearance on the skin.

There are various products that you can use to remove make-up such as gel, cream, cleansing milk, foam, cleansing wipes. You can choose which one you are happy to use. First of all, you should choose a cleaning product suitable for your skin. It is useful to use products that do not contain soap. Products vary by skin type. If your skin is sensitive and damaged by cosmetic products, you can also choose herbal cleansers.

After cleansing our face with the product we use by structure of our skin, tonic application is started. Tonic is a detail for closing pores and for final cleansing. Tonics should be preferred by the skin structure. It is a product that helps to cleanse the skin and maintain its freshness.

Oriflame Cleansing Products

After the toning process, you should definitely apply moisturizer. By using the appropriate moisturizing cream for the face, you will help your skin relax.
In eye make-up removal, products suitable for the eyes should be preferred. Normal make-up removal products may not remove eye makeup. There are products in the form of liquid or lotions that are suitable for the eyes. Eye cleaning is done from top to bottom and outwards with the product you pour on a cotton ball. But you have to do it without much pressure.

Paying attention to the importance of all these procedures, we should do our skin cleansing all day long, and if we are wearing make-up, every evening before going to bed. I would like to state again, you should choose products suitable for your skin structure. Products that do not contain substances such as soap and alcohol, suitable for the PH value of the skin and that will not cause allergies on the skin should be used. You can find them on Oriflame Offers 5 2021.

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