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Oriflame Catalogue 7 2022 is one of the best places to get high-quality and useful cosmetics this month! A wide range of products and unbeatable offers are waiting for you on this Oriflame Brochure! So let’s discover all the pages and products and enjoy shopping!

How about doing different make-ups that will make your skin look like a perfect porcelain at home? All the details you need are in this article with Oriflame!

If you are wondering how to make porcelain make-up, which is one of the indispensable elements of special days and wedding make-up, let’s get you like this. It is possible to easily apply this make-up at home, which will make your skin look flawless, bright and vibrant just like porcelain. Although this kind of perfect-looking make-up may seem challenging from the outside, the application step becomes much easier after learning the techniques and important tips.

Moreover, you know the imperfections and needs of your skin best. You can achieve the perfect results you want by focusing on the points you want to close and hide. If you are ready to try it!

Porcelain Makeup Stages

If you want, let’s talk about what porcelain makeup is before moving on to the application stages. You may need a make-up that can last all day for weddings, engagements, prom, special organizations or important business events. Moreover, many photos are taken at such events. Especially professional cameras can reflect even the smallest detail on their skin in the high resolution photos they take. Here, porcelain make-up makes your skin look perfect on these important days and helps you to give the most stylish poses in your photos. Let’s take a look at the materials you can use for all these processes.

Oriflame Products for Porcelain Makeup

In order to close the sun spots, acne scars and pores on your face, you need to get help from products with a dense consistency. The most important element in porcelain make-up is concealment. No matter how few skin problems they have, all people have imperfections on their skin. For this reason, there are different products for every skin defect. You can add to the materials listed below, based on the needs of your own skin. Depending on the theme of the event you are preparing for, you can also remove some materials that you find too much.

  • Oriflame make-up base to hide pores
  • Oriflame foundation with high coverage
  • Concealer for detention and details from Oriflame Catalogue.
  • Oriflame Transparent powder
  • Contour products in powder or cream form, depending on what other products you use.
  • Oriflame blush that matches the tones of your make-up
  • Highlighter to add glow to your skin
  • An eyeshadow palette with a wide range of colors
  • Oriflame Black eyeliner
  • Oriflame Lipstick and lip liner
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Fixing spray to increase the durability of make-up

Preparing the Skin for Makeup and Creating a Ground

For those who are wondering how to make porcelain make-up at home, one of the first and most important points that should not be skipped is some make-up. Before applying this base, it is useful to clean your skin with the help of a peeling to get rid of dead skin and prepare it for make-up. Then, after applying your moisturizer and waiting for it to absorb completely, you can move on to the base application. Thanks to this base, which will fill the pores, wrinkles and fine lines on your skin, you can make a much more flawless-looking make-up. Base application is necessary not only to cover and fill the imperfections of the skin, but also to make the make-up adhere better to the skin.

Oriflame Foundation;

After applying an equal amount of make-up base all over your skin, you can only wait a few seconds for the product to settle on your face. Then you can move on to the foundation application. It is important that the foundation you choose has high coverage and adapts to your skin color. So you should check out Oriflame Brochure to the best foundation!


If you can’t decide which foundation to choose for porcelain make-up, you can also pay attention to whether the product adapts to your skin type along with the concealment. If you have oily or combination skin, it is useful to choose water-based products when choosing a foundation. At the same time, it is important to choose oil-based and non-drying products at this stage for dry skin. After equalizing the entire face in a single color, you can support the points that need special attention with Oriflame concealer.
In skin make-up, you should not forget the eye area.

You can cover black circles, color transitions and bruises with concealer. If genetically, there is too much dark color in this area or if you are wearing make-up after a sleepless day, you can apply a pink-toned make-up base under the concealer to better equalize the color. In the last step of skin make-up, you should use powder powder. By powdering your entire face, you both fix the products and make your skin look velvety.

Brightening High Spots and Adding Dimension to the Skin

You may have brought your skin to a single tone and made it look porcelain, but the stages that will show the beauty of your face begin after that. If the sizing is not done after passing the first stage of porcelain make-up, a cold and lifeless expression can occur on the face. For this, first of all, you need to apply contours under the cheekbones and temples.

Contour with Oriflame!

This application, which will make your face look much thinner, also helps you to have a much more impressive appearance by revealing your bone structure. At this point, if you want to make your nose look thinner, you can apply contours on both sides. This method is also used to define the chin. By applying contours to the lower line of the chin, you can make it look sharper and define the jaw line.

After highlighting the lines of your face, you can warm up your makeup a little by applying blush on your cheekbones. Peach, dry rose and pale pink tones are among the tones that suit the cheeks best. These colors also help your skin look healthier. After coloring your face, you need to illuminate it as the last step. After mattifying your skin with powder and foundation, all you need to add glow is highlighter.

You can apply it to certain points of your face by choosing the one suitable for the tones of your make-up from the varieties containing gold, rosegold, silver and hologram glitters. These; There may be areas that attract attention such as the top of the cheekbones, the fountains of the eyes, the tip of the nose, the lower line of the eyebrows and the upper lip. If you’re wondering how to make porcelain make-up at home, here’s a big part of it. Now all that’s left is the eye makeup and finishing touches. In the section so far, you can choose Oriflame for all the skin products you may need.

Eyes and Lips in Porcelain Makeup

When making porcelain make-up, you need to show the same care for your eyes as you do for your skin. Because you don’t want your eyes to be in the background when your skin is so flawless. While browsing how porcelain make-up is, we also talked about how you should close your eyes. After concealer, you can apply eyeshadow on your eyelids or apply eyeliner directly.

If you are going to apply a headlight, it would be beneficial to apply a headlight base or a light-toned headlight on the bottom layer. At this point, you should decide whether you want to highlight your eyes or lips more in your make-up. If you are planning to highlight your lips, it would be better if the eyeshadows you will apply to your eyes are in light tones. So you can draw all the attention to your lipstick. But you can use dark colors or vibrant tones to make your eyes stand out.

Popular Lipsticks from Oriflame Catalogue;

Technically, there are many different types to choose from. For a transitional eyeshadow application, you can color the outer corners of your eyes in dark tones. As you get closer to the eye, these tones will begin to open, but you should be careful to distribute the eyeshadow well with your brush during color transitions. The trick of headlight applications is through this dispensing step. In addition, three different color tones are generally used in transitional applications. You can choose the colors you will use accordingly. Of course, you can also use a single color on the eyelids.

You can maintain your elegance with these single color applications that do not go out of fashion. Eyeliner is an element that almost completes this headlight application. If you are using earthy tones in your make-up, you can choose brown eyeliner, or you can choose eyeliner varieties in vivid tones that keep up with colorful make-ups. However, if you are preparing for a day with long shots, it is useful to choose black eyeliner so that it will appear most clearly in the photos. You can also support this make-up with a double layer of mascara or false eyelashes.

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Finally, it is enough to spray a fixing spray on all your make-up. This product helps the make-up on your skin to stay stable for hours. Now you are ready to follow all these steps. So here are Porcelain makeup and Oriflame Catalogue 7 2022! For more details and special deals, visit the home page. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email and follow us on our social media accounts!


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